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The main features of Ekahau Site Survey Professional include:

- Full support for 802.11a/b/g

- Accurate and Easy-to

- Use Off-site Network Prediction

- Quick and accurate Site Surveys

- GPS support for outdoor site surveys

- Unbeatable analysis for coverage, SNR, data rate, overlap...

- Unbeatable tools for network performance optimization

- Informative what-if simulations

- Locate Access points

- Accurate prediction of added coverage and/or capacity

- Comprehensive, automated documentation

- Unique combination of predicted and surveyed data

- Intuitive, quick and easy user interface

Unlike other products, ESS not only provides either planning or survey capabilities, but it combines the planning, survey, analysis and reporting capabilities into one, easy-to-use software package. All the features are used seamlessly from the same, easy-to-use user interface. The user can combine predicted and measured data in several unique, different ways.


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