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Ekahau Positioning EngineT 3.1

Location Enabling Wireless Networks

Ekahau Positioning Engine 3.1 (EPE) is the only software based real-time location system in the market. Besides outperforming competing hardware based solutions, EPE is truly open and future proof location platform that can leverage any existing Wi-Fi network. Ekahau's patented positioning technology is based on signal strength calibration and fingerprinting, which ensures the highest possible granularity. EPE is capable of pinpointing Ekahau T201 Wi-Fi Tags, laptops, PDAs and other Wi-Fi enabled devices, with floor-, room- and door-level accuracy.

Rapid Deployment and Integration

Combining Wi-Fi networking technology with location information enables a variety of asset and people tracking applications for healthcare, manufacturing and other industries. Software based solution ensures fast implementation with affordable cost. The possibility to utilize existing Wi-Fi infrastructure makes deployment very rapid, existing Wi-Fi networks can be location enabled within of hours or days. EPE 3.1 can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems through an efficient Software Development Kit.

Innovative Technology

Ekahau's award winning positioning technology is a result of over 10 years of extensive research, featuring the most precise real-time location tracking available on the market, for both indoor and outdoor use - wherever there is Wi-Fi coverage.


Datasheet EPE 3.1


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