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Ekahau Site Survey Modules

Ekahau Site Survey fits your needs: The modular concept allows you to only get the features you need, and you can always add modules to the software later on.

EKAHAU SITE SURVEY PROFESSIONAL includes Ekahau Site Survey Standard and all the optional modules.

Modules Breakdown:

Ekahau Site Survey Standard:

- Full Support for 802.11a/b/g

- Quick and accurate Site Surveys

- Unbeatable analysis for coverage, SNR, data rate, overlap...

- Unbeatable tools for network performance optimization

- Informative what-if simulation

- Intuitive, quick and easy user interface

- Effective Troubleshooting

NOTE: Ekahau Site Survey Standard is required for using any optional modules.

Ekahau Planner

- Full Support For 802.11a/b/g

- Off-site Network Prediction

- Unique combination of predicted and surveyed data

- Accurate prediction of added coverage and/or capacity

Ekahau GPS

- GPS support for outdoor site surveys

Ekahau Reporter

- Comprehensive, automated documentation




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