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So small, yet so accurate

Real-time people and asset tracking over Wi-Fi networks

Leveraging the Ekahau RTLS software platform, Ekahau Wi-Fi tags are the core of reliable and accurate positioning systems. Ekahau Wi-Fi tags enables real-time people and asset tracking in any standard Wi-Fi network. Tags can be attached to any mobile object or asset, and can be carried by people as well. The Ekahau Positioning Engine software reports the continuous location and movements of the tags within Wi-Fi coverage area.

The most significant benefit Ekahau RTLS, including the Ekahau Wi-Fi tag, is that it operates over any standard 802.11 wireless networks. In comparison to proprietary tracking systems that require a separate network of hardware readers or gates for sensing the location of tags, Ekahau Wi-Fi tags requires no additional network hardware overlay.

T201 Wi-Fi tag

Quick setup & low cost deployment over standard Wi-Fi networks

Ekahau T201 Wi-Fi Tag is a small active radio tag for tracking and finding people and assets. Once attached to an asset or carried by a person the target can be accurately tracked with the Ekahau RTLS platform within the coverage of an 802.11 network. It is most suitable for tracking equipment, personnel or high value assets in hospitals, manufacturing plants or in any other type of facility where knowledge of the actual and up-to-date location can improve efficiency and safety.

The T201 tag features an audio buzzer and two red/green LEDs that help to distinguish the tag location. For security applications the call-button enables sending alerts, including the location of the alerter, to security personnel or caregivers. Remote tag management and configuration capability ensures that also large number of tags can be easily managed.

The tag's small size, multiple mounting options and intelligent battery-life management including motion-activated tracking make its use carefree in all types of applications. Monitoring continuous and precise location information of mobile people and assets has never been this easy.


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