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Ekahau is able to derive accurate and consistent location information even in areas where other technologies are prone to fail. Our solutions are even praised by competing location technology professionals. Ekahau is widely awarded for its excellence in developing technologies and for its revolutionary way of thinking.

Ekahau's software-based positioning and site survey technologies are based on over 10 years of research by one of the leading research groups in the world, the Complex Systems Computation Group at the University of Helsinki.

Ekahau Positioning Engine is the only software based real-time location system in the market. Besides outperforming competing hardware based solutions, EPE is truly open and future proof location platform that can leverage any existing Wi-Fi network

Ekahau T201
Leveraging the award-winning Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) software platform, the Ekahau Wi-Fi tags enables real-time people and asset tracking in any standard Wi-Fi network.

Ekahau Site Survey
With the ESS you can quickly and accurately record, visualize, analyze, optimize, and report the performance of Wireless LANs (802.11a/b/g).

Ekahau Applications
Ekahau provides three different original Ekahau Applications, that customers can choose from best fits according their needs and preferences.


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