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Flexible - according to your needs

Adjusting to every tracking need

Consisting of sophisticated components developed by Ekahau, the system is highly efficient and flexible. The optimal combination of features can be created for any locationing need and purpose. Based on the nature of the resources to be tracked, as well as the overall needs and requirements of the customer, Ekahau RTLS can be modified for increased cost-effectiveness.

Customers choose from three different Ekahau Applications the one that best fits their needs and preferences. While some want simply to find people and resources as conveniently as possible, others may find it essential to also store various location information on company databases. Whatever your tracking challenge may be, the Ekahau RTLS is able and willing to trace it.

Ekahau Finder is a web application for querying the locations of people and assets from web browsers. The query results display the name of the area where the object is located and a view of the object on a map of the area.

Ekahau Tracker is an application for tracking objects. It provides a real time view of the tracked area with selected objects displayed graphically on a map of the area.

Ekahau Logger is used for storing historical tracking information to a database, for example to analyze the location data or recording procedures.



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