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  • Lifetime more than 10 years!
  • 1,000 m range, extendable by repeaters
  • Compatible with ModBus/JBus protocol
  • Single block design with integrated antenna
  • Securized transmission
  • Large choice of interfaces : digital, analog, RS232, RS485, USB, etc...

The LPR 8 Series (Low Power Radio 868MHz) represents a real innovation and a major advance in radio data transmission technology!
The LPR8 module is a radio transmitter-receiver using the license-free 868 MHz frequency band. The radio transmission is the ideal solution face to cabling stress (physical, civil engineering, cost, etc.). Its single block and waterproof design with its integrated antenna, makes it perfect for applications such as data acquisition or remote reading on not very accessible outdoor sites or on long distances. Its very low power consumption confers it a very large lifetime: 10 years for 2 transmissions daily, thanks to the use of Lithium battery. The LPR8 module is available in different versions depending on the used interface.

Usual applications: Building automation, well access control, etc.

Regarding the interface used, LPR8 module has following different versions:

LPR8-FL       1 or 2 points survelliance / Digital input signal (reed & NPN) / Max.
survelliance frequency = 2 Hz.
LPR8-TH      Digital termistor heat measurement / range (-55) - +125°C, accuracy 0.5°C,
2 channels.
LPR8-PT       Pt100 heat measurement / 1 channel
LPR8-AI       Analogue input with 0-5V or 4-20 mA external power supply / 1 channel
LPR8-DO      9-relay consantrator module (with max. 3 LPR8-DI module repeater) / IP50
metal case for DIN rail / 10-30Vdc external power supply
LPR8-RP       Repeater for very long range / 25mW - 500mW
LPR8-RS2 /
RS4 / USB    Main radio modem for connecting a PC using Modbus protocole(except USB
version) or a (RS232, RS485, USB)
LPR8-GSM    GSM gateway consantrator module
LPR8-OEM    O.E.M. Radio module (please contact us for details)

Figure 1

Figure 2

General features of LPR8 series:

  • Cable cut alert
  • Litium battery situation
  • Slot time programming
  • Application alarms
  • Data registry periods
  • Reading with radio instructions
  • Cyclic transmission
  • RF remote installation, configuration, modification, pre-programmed senkronization
  • Internal repeater
  • Bluetooth gateway is available (please call us for details)
LPR8 series have CE (EN300-683) and ART (EN300-220-1) certifications.
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