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2.5dBi "button" antenna
4.2dB omni antenna
9dBi pole antenna

Depending on the desired range (establish a radio link statement), one must choose the most adapted antenna.


9dBi Panel Antenna
21dBi reflector antenna

The directional antennas enable the concentration of energy in a precise angle (more the gain is high, more the angle is narrow). The pannel antenna can be also fixed on a wall.


SMA Male Reversed
SMA Male Standard
N male



Naming convention
Example:   CFP5-NM-SMARM-10

"CFP" means Low loss cable
"5" is the cable's diameter (exists in 5mm:  loss 0.50dB/m and in 10mm: loss 22dB/m at 2.4GHz)
"NM" is the first connector's type 
"SMARM" is the type of the second's connector
"10" is the total length of the cable in meter

Connector types:
NM:  N male
NF:   N female
SMAM: SMA male
SMARM: SMA reversed male
BNCM:  BNC male
TNCM:  TNC male
TNCRM: TNC reversed male
FMEM:   FME male

Remark:  The "ADSMAR" reference is the simplified designation of a pigtail cable adapter CFP5-NM-SMARM-0.3. It is recommended when a low loss 10mm cable (only available with N connectors) is used. It enables the link between the SMAR connector of the access point and the 10mm cable.

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