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¼ helicoidal
¼ wave whip
½ wave whip
7dBi base
  • The quarter wave antenna requires an adapted ground plan (metallic surface). 
    It's for instance the type of antenna mounted in standard on the ADN16. Its length is 17cm in 433MHz.
  • The shortened quarter antenna (helicoid) is less effective but can be used in small space.
  • The half wave antenna doesn't require any ground plan so it could be mounted on a plastic case for instance. Its length is 34cm in 433MHz. 
  • For a fixed station where the antenna needs to be deported and fixed on a pole, a bazooka type (ANT433-BZ) antenna or a basic antenna is recommanded with a low loss cable equiped with N-connector.


3-element Yagi
21dBi reflector antenna

The YAGI antennas are directive antennas, therefore more the gain is high and more the angular coverage is narrow. Beware of the polarization when installing it: if there is an omnidirectionnal antenna near by, the polarization plan of the Yagi antenna must be placed vertically.

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