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Sydma CONTROL is especially experienced on RF (Radio Frequency) control and automation. Sydma usually works on project basis and develops both genious and economic solutions to your specific automation needs.

In this aspect, Sydma CONTROL offers

- RF modules, active RF tags as products to buy,
- automation projects done by using these products,
- analysis of software and automation needs,
- advisory services.

Wireless Industrial tracking and control by RF :

. Heat, pressure, humidity, current, voltage, fuel tank level, open-closed contact etc.
. Wireless monitoring and controling of physical values from a distance.

Aktive RF Tagging Systems:

. RFID applications by using active RF tags, warehouse automation, inventory management, locationing, personnel tracking and security systems.

Command and control by using RF modules:

. All kinds of wireless command and control systems.

PC based automation:

. Control and automation systems by using handheld terminals (pocket PC, Palm etc.) and PCs. You can see MODIS v.1.2. and MORDER v.1.0.

Analysis and advisory services for all kinds of automation needs.


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