Ekahau, Inc. Bring Advanced Location Tracking to the Supply Chain Industry

Shockwatch®, manufacturer of the world-leading Shockswitch lift truck monitoring and safety systems, announced partnership with Ekahau, Inc., the leader in location-enabling wireless networks.

"With the growing popularity of Wi-Fi networks in material handling environments, it is essential that the tools we provide utilize the customers existing Wi-Fi network and cause no disruptions to our customer's operations" said Eddie Clay, Product Manager for Shockswitch. "We are currently doing this with our existing Wi-Fi Shockswitch products and the soon to come RF Hourmeter. With Ekahau, we can now offer our customers the most accurate, real-time and cost effective location tracking technology available, and it will function using the customer's existing WiFi Access Points. We have begun the process of adding the Ekahau Client software to all of our WiFi products as a standard feature which will allow our customers the ability to add the tracking capability at any time simply by purchasing the software licenses. No additional hardware required!"

The integrated Shockswitch and Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) will make it easy to accurately locate and track, not just lift trucks, but, any WiFi equipped devices in warehouses and other material handling environments. Critical resources - people and equipment- will always be available at the right place in timely fashion."









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