Ekahau Brings Sight To Wi-Fi Networks With Launch of Tracker Software

Software Lets Wi-Fi "See" Location and Movement of Important People and Assets; Logs and Displays Location History and Creates Graphical Reports

Frontline Expo, Booth #728 -- Chicago, IL, September 28th, 2005 --- EKAHAU INC, today announced Ekahau Tracker, a software application that provides real-time tracking and management of mobile assets and people throughout the enterprise campus, indoors and outdoors. Ekahau Tracker is the latest addition to the award winning Ekahau RTLS (Real Time Location System) application suite, a complete wireless location-tracking solution that leverages the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Ekahau is demonstrating Tracker and the rest of its RTLS application suite in booth #728 at the Frontline Solutions Conference & Expo, held September 26-29 at the Chicago Navy Pier.

Unlike competing solutions, Ekahau is the only RTLS system available on the market that does not require proprietary antennas, readers or portals, and can be deployed as a software-based solution over any standard Wi-Fi network.

Ekahau Tracker transforms location data into actionable information and streamlines many business operations - from maintenance of medical equipment to alerting security personnel of the prohibited location of a person or high-value item. With its event management functionality, Tracker is capable of triggering rule-based alarms through SMS, e-mail and paging. This feature enables a variety of new security related uses for Ekahau RTLS, in healthcare, manufacturing, military/government and corporate settings.

The location history log of the Ekahau Tracker can help enterprises review historical data in order to analyze the asset utilization or workflow patterns. Ekahau Tracker also includes a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) and statistical analysis tools. The GUI is very easy and intuitive to use. It provides a clear map-based view of mobile assets, people and tools to define rules for external alarms. For example if a person is entering a forbidden area, or an asset is being taken away from the building, the application can automatically escalate notifications to the security personnel.

Ekahau RTLS with the Ekahau Tracker is currently deployed at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King, WI, to improve the lives and care of their long-term members by being able to locate them anywhere on the large campus in case of emergency. The member wears an Ekahau Wi-Fi tag, with a programmable call button, which provides locating and alerting information back to the Tracker application. This combined solution gives the caregivers visibility in real time to the location of Veterans Home members, and thus allows members more freedom, satisfaction and overall improved quality of life.

"We have deployed the Ekahau RTLS and Tracker at the Wisconsin Veterans Home in King, WI, with great feedback from the end-user," says Henry Hile, Principle of Teleco Systems, the primary systems integrator of Wisconsin Veterans Home. "The Ekahau system allows greater flexibility for The Veterans Home's wandering members, but still provides a level of security in the event of an emergency."

Ekahau Tracker will be available and shipping during the first week of October 2005. Ekahau Tracker works with Ekahau Positioning Engine 3.1., and can also bridge other RFID/IR location solutions under one server application. For more information about Ekahau Tracker, please contact your nearest Ekahau sales representative.



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