Ekahau Receives 2005 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for its Wi-Fi-based Positioning Technology Solutions

Palo Alto, CA - September 21, 2005 - Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis, Wireless Location Positioning, selected Ekahau, Inc. as the recipient of the 2005 Technology Leadership of the Year Award for its wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi)-based real time locating system (RTLS).

This system is one of the most sophisticated, yet adaptable and cost-effective solutions for tracking assets and people over standard Wi-Fi networks. It is an open, standards-based solution that can offer significant value for any industry segment that has adopted Wi-Fi for data and voice purposes.

Each year Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to the company that has pioneered the development of an innovative technology, which has either impacted, or has the potential to affect, several market sectors. This Award recognizes the recipient's successful technology development, which is expected to significantly contribute to the industry in terms of
adoption, change, and competitive posture.

"Ekahau's proprietary Wi-Fi-based positioning system is completely software-based and utilizes existing Wi-Fi access points installed in a facility and radio cards already present in the user's devices," says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Miriam Nagel. "Ekahau has also developed a Wi-Fi-based radio tag that uses industry-standard components that adhere to the 802.11 standards."

Since the entire system uses standards-based hardware such as 802.11a/b/g, a standard Wi-Fi-based solution can optimally make use of the installed bases, economies of scale of the networks, and end-user devices that are proliferating today. Without requiring additional hardware, a company can install the system much faster and significantly reduce initial
and long-term support costs.

Apart from saving on hardware costs, Ekahau's Wi-Fi-based positioning system significantly reduces likely radio frequency (RF) interference. As the total Wi-Fi positioning system shares the network with other clients, it effectively reduces the need for additional installation of a separate wireless network. Its cost-effective scalability also enables users to start with a small deployment and then enlarge the positioning system as the number of access points increases.

"Ekahau provides tracking using client software 'soft tags' or battery-powered Wi-Fi tags to provide more cost-effective solutions than other companies," observes Nagel. "By relying on industry-standard infrastructure, Ekahau is future-proof, supporting 802.11 a/b/g currently, and capable of supporting new 802.11 variants in the future."

Ekahau's solutions are targeted at markets such as healthcare for real-time patient, caregiver, and asset tracking; supply chain for forklift, personnel, and inventory tracking; process industry for field engineering/consultant tracking; and manufacturing for work-in-progress inventory tracking. Promising markets include the government and military for tracking of people, equipment, and assets.

"In locations such as on college or corporate campuses, Ekahau solutions can provide safety and security for employees," notes Nagel. "The solutions also help improve safety in hazardous environments, track visitors and contractors, and reduce asset thefts."

Held in Las Vegas, Frost & Sullivan's Mobile Communications Awards Banquet honors world-class companies for innovative developments that deliver unparalleled insight on wireless and mobile strategy, technology, platforms and services. An annual event, the banquet recognizes the quality and merit of distinguished individuals and companies.



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