Sydma CONTROL has been founded in 2004 with the aim of using her experience and knowledge on Radio
Frequency (RF) automation and command-control applications, in developing wireless control and automation solutions.
Sydma CONTROL believes that service quality and human relations are at the top of all business concerns.
As a result of the strong belief that wireless technologies will lead the way in the whole automation world in the
very near future, Sydma CONTROL has the mission to offer all about wireless technologies in the most economic
and efficient way. The main focus is to find wireless solutions for all automation needs of all sectors.

One of the core solutions of Sydma CONTROL is Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS). As the Turkey Representative
of one of the wireless industry leaders Ekahau, Inc., Sydma CONTROL, offers revolutionary solutions for vertical and
horizontal sectors by achieving the online and real time tracking of all wireless equipment which are communicating on
Wi - Fi infrastructure (such as notebook, pocketPC, wireless barkod readers, IP phones, Wi-Fi Active RF tags etc.).

With the aim of tracking and management of assets, information and personel in full security; together with long range
wireless data transmission, Sydma CONTROL, with her solution partners, designs and applies RTLS systems with high
performance and low price.

The other core solution of Sydma CONTROL, is the wireless order automation system (MODIS) designed for
restaurants, cafes and bars. By using MODIS, orders can be collected and transmitted by handheld terminals to the
kitchen, bar or patisserie through a wireless network automatically.

Moreover, Sydma CONTROL, with her bussiness partners, gives sales, installation and advisory services for all kinds of
computer systems.


Sdyma, is one of the most interesting antique cities of Xanthos Valley (which is
around Antalya in Mediterranean coast of Turkey). Since the road to Sydma is
not good enough, Sydma is usually a place for the people interested in
archeology or tourists. The most important characteristic of Sydma is that ruins
are together with ordinary village life of Dodurga. So, even in the middle of a
planted area you can suddenly see a gorgeous stone grave. Unfortunately, in
some village houses antique city stones were used; some marble blocks are
used as drinking basins for animals. You can see goats walking on and around
marble ruins. The main fields of bussiness for the village people are farming and
tobacco plantation.

There is also a ruin of a Bizantian castle at the top of the hill. The most sightful
of ruins are in necropol. You can reach necropol by following the riverside for
300 metres. There are many interesting stone graves with triangle roofs.


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